Link-eng is a website where all aspects of the English language are connected, to provide you with a greater understanding of how to master the English language.


aboutThis site

As a professional who has been teaching English for fifteen years at University level, and educated in the UK up to a Master's degree, I have developed a website that I believe will benefit all learners of English.

What you can do here:

Link-eng allows you to explore and practice the English language.  All you have to do is become a free member


Watch step-by-step presentations that show you how to correctly produce and understand verb forms.  Save graphics and posters that cover all areas of grammar.



Here you can learn about verb formsgrammatical features and take quizzes.


Reading Skills

Reading comprehension tasks are accompanied by general reading practice materials and the text to MP3 service.


Writing skills

Learn skills that will help improve your writing style.  Become aware of academic writing conventions for improved writing

Speaking Skills

Here you can find resources to help you with presentations as well as general speaking skills.  The Real Talk section contains items that include phrasal verbs and features of everyday spoken English



A space for you to get together with other learners to share ideas and experiences, offer each other support and practice your skills.

For English Language Practitioners

This website is intended for students' self study.  However, the majority of materials  can be utilised within a classroom environment.

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