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Error Correction


Punctuation 1

Read the following sentences and find the punctuation errors.

1.  Italy France Germany austria and Liechtenstein are the five countries that share a border with switzerland.

2.  Switzerland is a landlocked Country, however it does have many beautiful Lakes.  My favourite is Lago maggiore.

3.  There are airports in the French, and German parts of Switzerland but not in the italian part.  So if you want to travel to the Italian part of Switzerland you can fly to Milan and take a train or coach

Isole di Brisago on Lago Maggiore - Switzerland
Pronoun Reference

Pronoun Reference 1

Read the following sentences and find the errors with pronouns.

Henry didn't have enough money to buy a new pair of trainers.  He asked him mum and dad, but he said no,  he would have to pay for they itself.

 Sara had to give a very important presentation to his class.  She was very nervous.  When they get nervous, they talk to themselves.  But, this time she was so nervous, it wasn't working.  She decided to call his brother and ask for her advice.  He said, present to the class as if them are your friends.  Look they all in our eyes and you will feel fine.

Subject / Verb Agreement

Subject Verb Agreement 1

Read the following passage and find the subject / verb agreement errors.

How many errors are there?

Although I was born in a big busy city, I decided long ago that I no longer wanted to live a city life. For many people, city life become stressful and, more often than not, you suffers bad health. My family and I has now left the city and lives in a quiet place where the birds wakes me up in the morning with their beautiful chirping. The sun shine everyday, the sky is a brilliant blue, the sea are warm and the food taste lovely.


I appreciate my change of mind probably happened as I got older and some of you younger ones is thinking, I would love to live in a city. I meet many students here who say that to me. They want to see the city and the brightly-lit skylines that lights up the night skies. They want to go out partying every night and enjoy the 'freedom' they doesn't have in their country.


All I will say is this, makes the most of what you have and see where life's path take you.

A Hoopoe, known locally as a Hudhud, has an amazing song.

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