Error Correction

Subject Verb Agreement 1

Read the following passage and find the subject / verb agreement errors.

How many are there?

Although I was born in a big busy city, I decided long ago that I no longer wanted to live a city life. For many people, city life become stressful and, more often than not, you suffers bad health. My family and I has now left the city and lives in a quiet place where the birds wakes me up in the morning with their beautiful chirping. The sun shine everyday, the sky is a brilliant blue, the sea are warm and the food taste lovely.


I appreciate my change of mind probably happened as I got older and some of you younger ones is thinking, I would love to live in a city. I meet many students here who say that to me. They want to see the city and the brightly-lit skylines that lights up the night skies. They want to go out partying every night and enjoy the 'freedom' they doesn't have in their country.


All I will say is this, makes the most of what you have and see where life's path take you.

A Hoopoe, known locally as a Hudhud, has an amazing song.